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Intro to the Campaign

Regardless of what your past and childhood was like, a chance encounter brought you into the service of the High Prince Alaric Felbrant.  Alaric does not discriminate based on social class, race, or gender.  He recognizes talent when he sees it, and offers those with talent an opportunity to serve him.  Anyone who serves him well is also kindly rewarded for their effort and skill. 

Tension between the noble families of the Holy Eldian Empire have been a constant problem for the stability of the realm.  With noble families of minority races getting more and more involved in politics, and the Clerics of the Pantheon refusing to mediate between the races, some action had to be taken to stabilize the growing political chaos of the empire.  Emperor Judicus Maximillian called together representatives from all noble houses of any race to discuss policies that would allow racial minorities to be better represented and discriminated against less, and discuss ways to alleviate the tensions between all of the nobility.

Before the meeting could take place however, the Emperor dissapeared without a trace.  He was found a week later in the town Rosenwood, 15 miles from the capital city Hypatia.  He was found dead with no clear signs of the cause.  The meeting was then called off by Grand Cleric Aluxander VIII.

A month later, all Elector Princes have been summoned in order to elect a new Emporer.  Elector Prince Alaric has acknowledged your capabilities, and has requested you join his retinue traveling to Hypatia so he may take part in the election.

Shadow of the Gods

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