Voren'thal Vyshaan


Midnight blue robe that crosses in the front, sleevless showing toned but thin arms. A raw emerald hangs just above the fold around my neck. A long flowing cloak thats blue as well, both trimmed in a fine gold silk. A single streak of black hangs loose in the front, while the rest of my long white hair is pulled up tight in a long poney tail.


I come from a modest elven family in Gale. People think all high elves are noble but we arent. My father was a map maker as am I, he mapped the Quelana Glades after the mighty stand against the human forces. He taught me his secrets in the crafting and the giving of longevity to a map! He founded the guild i work for, Mariendel’s Cartography Co. , with his best friend, a dwarf conjurer named Ormond Axehead. He raised me as his own after the loss of my parents on a mapping expedition to the east… I have been hired by High Prince Alric Felbrant to map his territory of Falderin as detailed as possible and our journey to the capitol now that he has been summoned.

Voren'thal Vyshaan

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